Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Big Sleep-Through

I cannot believe that this long-awaited day is finally here. Its been a tedious-at-times journey. Its been soul-destroying, tearful and made me insanely jealous of those that achieved it earlier. What on earth could it be? THE BIG SLEEP-THROUGH.

I almost don't want to write about in case either bubba us playing an awfully cruel joke on us, or that I will jinx us for good. But given how much I've harped on about the subject of sleep, namely sleep deprivation, I couldn't let this milestone go unmarked.

Feeding to sleep
I do think its coincidence. His age. The fact that his horrible painful molars have been through for a week. Luck. But I do think his new sleeping arrangements have helped. Instead of attempting to keep bubba in his cot, or bringing him with us when were too exhausted to lean over the cot, we received some lovely mummy-advice to try a bed instead. The idea being we could lie down with bubba, but in his space, to resettle him, then either nod off with him or hop back into our nice cozy double without wrestling a toddler for a little space right at the edge of the bed. 

A cheap Amazon mattress  was chosen, as bubba is so light he won't need a top of the range affair just yet. We got a little duvet and pillow, and waterproof mattress cover just in case and we were good to go. Great timing as I had an evening meeting the following night, and wouldn't be feeding bubba to sleep as usual. Daddy was anxious, but after stories, he laid bubba down, snuggled up next to him and within half an hour he was asleep. And bubba too!
sling napping on the London Underground!
So this has become a regular resettle routine, one that all of us have found comforting and definitely beats leaning over a cot at some god-awful angle all night. I think that all this comforting, without any crying, has helped bubba to form some nice positive sleep associations. He even napped in his bed after lunch today, unheard of since his first birthday, where sling or pram have been our only nap options. So I feel we've turned a corner. I don't know if it'll last but at least I know its possible. 

Nap time post-feed; 10 months
We've had a tough sleep-deprived ride, but if this is where we end up I'll be pleased as punch. Now I just need someone to teach me to go to sleep instead of half -sleeping, waiting for bubba to stir... waiting for dozy cozy bubba midnight cuddles...