Thursday, August 8, 2013

Letter P Sensory Bin

Letter P Sensory

Hooray for a super easy to put together letter bin! There are so many things around that start with the Letter P that I ran out of room before I ran out of stuff! So here are the things we (and I do mean we with the girls helping) chose to include a Penguin, a Piece of Pizza, a Pig, a Polar Bear, a Pegasus, Pirates, Peas, a Piano, and a Pepper along with our P Book, Foam P's and P Magnet. The girls wanted to stick a Pony and a Princess in there, but I was afraid it would be confusing with a Horse in the H bin and a Queen int he upcoming Q bin).

Eli's favorites out of this bin were the Penguin and Piece of Pizza. He went straight to them and wanted to feed the pizza to the penguin.

Letter P Sensory

He finally explored the bin more, eventually shoving the book in my face, so we could read it. He did go back and get the penguin for the story though! 

He is really catching on to this letter thing! he frequently makes the letter sounds along with the magnet (sometimes without) and he will point out some letters on his own!