Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ma Ferguson Featured in Texas Highways

The August issue of Texas Highways has an article about Miriam “Ma” Ferguson. Ma was the second woman in the United States to take an oath to office and the first female governor of Texas. The first time she ran for office she didn’t know until her husband announced her candidacy to the press. She told voters that said she would follow the advice of her husband and Texas thus would get "two governors for the price of one." As a governor for two terms, she tackled some of the tougher issues of the day.

To learn more about Ma Ferguson, read Hood, Bonnet, and Little Brown Jug: Texas Politics, 1921-1928.

" Captures the rough 'n' tumble nature of Texas politics in the 1920s when three main issues--the Ku Klux Klan (Hood), `Ma' Ferguson (Bonnet), and Prohibition (Little Brown Jug)--were the focus of attention. . . . the Texas political state, always fascinating and colorful, comes to life in Brown's book." --Southern Historian