Tuesday, June 28, 2011

But I am not a Tomato Lover?!

Not a Tomato Lover? Who cares?!

Betsy Friauf of The Dallas Morning News reports that William D. Adams’s Texas Tomato Lover’s Handbook is advice that is “applicable to gardening in general, especially vegetable gardening, making [the] book a bargain.”

Friauf describes her judgement of the book's $25.00 price:
"At first I thought $25 might be pricey for this slender little book. I wasn’t reassured by the first chapter’s title: “History of the Garden Tomato.” Who has time for history when sudden 100-degree weather has seared my once-robust tomato vines?"

But after reading the first paragraph, she was hooked:
"..the first paragraph hooked me. For it’s the history lesson that tells me the tomato is not, as I’d imagined, a naturally tough customer that loves heat. No, it’s a native of mid- and high-altitude Peru, where mild climate and fertile soil combine to make tomatoes flourish. Now I understand where these babies are coming from."

Want to read Friauf's full article? Visit the Dallas Morning News website!

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